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Welcome to The 2018 Slingshot Guide Application!

The Slingshot Guide is a resource guide to Jewish innovation, and lists the 50 Most Innovative Organizations working in Jewish life in North America. Published for the first time in 2005, The Slingshot Guide was founded to be a tool for Next Gen funders, and has since grown to serve funders and professionals, of all ages, throughout the Jewish community. 

Organizations/projects must have been in operation for at least one year and must be serving a North American Jewish community. Organizations will be asked to apply as a Start-Up, Mezzanine, or Legacy organization. The first question in the application will ask you to determine which stage best describes your organization. Definitions are provided within the application. 

The selection criteria are: Innovation, Impact, Strong Leadership, and Organizational Effectiveness. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed by at least four evaluators, who provide quantitative and qualitative feedback. This data will be used to compile the final list of featured organizations. 
The application deadline has been extended to Monday, October 23 at 5pm EST.  An Application Guide and a PDF document with application questions are available on Slingshot's Website
If you have any questions, please reach out to